Research Case Study: Journalism and Crime: Mass Murder in the United Kingdom

Athina Caraba is a PhD student in the Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism at City,  University of London


Her thesis title is : ‘Reports are coming in: A multidisciplinary study of the exceptional crime of mass murder in the United Kingdom’.  The thesis is concerned with three mass shooting events that have occurred in the UK in the past thirty years.

City University London Library

CityLibrary Search is a resource discovery tool which searches across a wide range of resources such as print and electronic books, databases, electronic journals and much more. Rebecca’s topic is cross-disciplinary. There are Library Guides for Professional Law and UG and PG academic study of Law  and Journalism and a comprehensive researcher guide.

Athina has used the Nexis newspaper database very frequently for research.There is a guide to Newspaper and news resources. Other useful news resources include Factiva and PressDisplay. The off-air recording and media archive streaming service Box of Broadcasts is also useful. See also the City Library guide to finding audio and film.

Athina has found the Read for Research,  researcher book recommendation scheme at City extremely useful. You can read about Read for Research and other research related topics on the Citylibresearchers blog

Other libraries

The British Library

Research staff and students should definitely  the British Library which is the national library and has very extensive collections.

The British Library at St Pancras has news and media collections and also has a Newsroom. The newsroom has a  blog

Register for a British Library Reader Pass which allows access to facilities such as the Newsroom.

Athina has also used Senate House Library, LSE Library.

See our guide for information about using other libraries and joining the SCONUL Access scheme.

Research tools

Athina has used RefWorks to manage her research references. City University London subscribes to the reference management tool RefWorks which you can use to store and manage your references while doing your research. You can create an account at


Athina had an article called A view from the gallery published in Counsel (the Bar’s journal). It can be found here:

Social media resources

Athina has used the research blog The Thesis whisperer and uses Twitter.

Advice to new researchers

“I would advise new researchers to spend some time to familiarise themselves with all the resources at their disposal within the University, as well as across other institutions and bodies to which they may have access via the University -that will save a lot of time in the future.”


Research Case study: Scandal in the News and Sociology

Jon Eilenberg is a PhD research student at  the Centre for Law, Justice & Journalism City University London.


Jon’s thesis title is: Scandalising the NHS: Scandal, Storytelling and Power in the BBC and ITV’s coverage of Mid Staffs. Jon’s research analyses recent developments in the relationship between news media and deviance.

Jon co-runs the SASS Research Students’ Society  which  is a  professional development & networking society for Arts and Social Science PhD researchers at City University London.

City University London Library

CityLibrary Search is a resource discovery tool which searches across a wide range of resources including print and electronic books, journals, articles, theses and more.

City subscribes to a wide range of electronic databases and journals.

For multi-disciplinary subjects, City Library staff have prepared a range of subject guides. There is also a comprehensive researcher guide.

 Jon uses books and electronic journals for his research. City also subscribes to   newspaper/ news resources and multimedia film and audio resources.  The streaming service Box of Broadcasts is very useful for watching TV programmes and documentaries etc.

 Other libraries

The SCONUL Access scheme is very useful for staff and students to use University and other libraries throughout the country. Senate House, University of London is a large humanities and social science library.

The British Library is the national library and is based at St Pancras, all research staff and students should join the British Library.

Useful research tools eg. RefWorks

 Jon finds RefWorks extremely useful for managing research references. City subscribes to the online reference management software RefWorks  and staff and students and City alumni can use this to store, manage and cite references. RefWorks accounts can be set up at

Social media resources and blogs

 Jon is on Twitter.

Useful blogs are the LSE Impact of Social Sciences Blog and the Thesis Whisperer.

 Advice to new researchers

“Make sure to engage with your peers, both professionally and socially. It makes the process easier and you get a network for after the PhD.”