Research Case Study: Maternal and Child Health Services

Ryc Aquino is a 2nd year PhD candidate in Health Psychology in the School of Health Sciences, Health Services Research & Management (encompassing Public Health) at City, University of London


Her research topic applies psychological theory to explore the interprofessional collaborative practices between midwives and health visitors in UK maternal and child health services.

 City, University of London Library Services

The City, University of  London Library Services website contains a number of useful resources including the resource discovery tool CityLibrary Search, Library guides  for different subjects such as Psychology and Health Sciences. There is an A-Z list of journals and databases including MEDLINE  and the nursing database CINAHL. There is also a researcher guide.

 Read for Research

Ryc has found the Read for Research scheme useful in recommending general and specific research titles for Library purchase. Inter-library loans can also be used to obtain materials such as articles held in other libraries.

Other libraries

The SCONUL Access scheme is available for staff and students to join and allows access to university and other libraries in London and throughout the country. Ryc has found the Senate House Library useful. All research students and staff should join the British Library at St Pancras by registering for a reader pass.

 Research tools

Ryc has used Mendeley and EndNote for reference management and Review Manager for systematic review data management.

Ryc is on Twitter and Medium, and maintains a website. She also tweets from the Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research Parent Advisory Group Twitter account.

Advice to new researchers

“Get to know your institution’s library and the resources available to you, including training, publications and software. Try out different tools to make sense of and manage your data and resources. Use social media to disseminate information about your research, but be aware of the limitations and considerations around doing this. Finally, use social media to network with other researchers in your field of interest, ResearchGate and Twitter are particularly useful platforms for this.”

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